Know More about Yosea

Yosea Kurnianto is a passionate young educator and HR practitioner who believes in the power of positive thinking, the energy of collaboration, and the beauty of diversity. Respecting people’s uniqueness and multiple intelligences, Yosea always try to think and see things from different perspectives before making any decision. He counts every second of his life as a learning journey.

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3 thoughts on “Know More about Yosea

  1. Kak, apa kabar? Maaf kalau tanya out of your blog post. Cara bikin wordpress jadi blog pribadi gimana? Maksudnya, dibikin premium gitu kak. 😀

  2. kak, mau tanya tips kurus gimana ?

  3. hello kak Yosea Kurnianto, terimakasih sudah menginspirasi 🙂 boleh email tips untuk membuat “a right decision” ? Thanks before.

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