No, Not Again! – and Things We Could Get from the Past

I met some of my best friends last night. We played bowling, had dinner, and continued with some beers and talks. By talks, obviously I address to the discussion about what we did together in certain period of time – in the past. Interestingly, a friend of mine quoted such nice words: “the past is … Continue reading No, Not Again! – and Things We Could Get from the Past


Blessings are for Those Who Believe

I just visited my brother in Bangka Island, stayed there for 2 nights during Eid Fit’r holiday. I decided to visit him, instead of coming back to my hometown, known as ‘Mudik’ (as the tradition for most people during those days) because of at least 2 reasons: the first reason is because he made an … Continue reading Blessings are for Those Who Believe

Adding the ‘Fun’ Element (into Your Workplace)

Why do you work? To earn money, to self-actualize yourself, to find meanings, to gain more knowledge and experiences, or simply to be you? Whatever that is, don’t ever let what you’re doing obstructs you to have fun. I know lots of companies and organizations offer their employees such ‘fun workplaces’ with various facilities (game-center, … Continue reading Adding the ‘Fun’ Element (into Your Workplace)