When was the last time you fight for something? It could be any of your dreams, desire, expected condition, need, or as simple as new stuff you want to own? Fight is indeed contextual and different in its ways of implementation from one person to another. In a perspective, one’s fight can be seen as not even small move by others’ – by comparing one’s context to another. Yet, the point is not merely about the size the fight. To me, the fact that someone is (still willing) to strive for a cause, even in a tiny size, is appreciable.

This ‘fight’ phrase actually bothered me (again) these couple weeks, in a positive way obviously. I met inspiring people and listened to their fighting stories, against anything they faced, to ensure their dreams, desire, and/or expected condition to be realized. Those stories triggered me to ask myself one more time: what is the cause (or causes) you want to fight for, how do you want to fight for it (or them), and where can you can such help to support your fighting journeys?

I stumbled on the fact that these days I don’t feel so sure in answering those questions. I mean, not because I don’t have anything to fight for – but on how I manage myself to continuously strive with my best. Probably I considered too much external factors, which then distracted my focus on things that really matter.

Someone just told me this evening, that continuous fights on the things that matter creates strong endurances and open new understanding / discovery of self-strengths. Too many distractions on what’s that matter, could possibly decrease the value and impacts of the fighting power. As our energy and resources will be spent so much for those complexity of external factors.

Fighting journey (photo:

Therefore, taking time to revisit your fighting journey so far – and the plan ahead, is indeed a necessity. We probably couldn’t change whatever happened in the past, or even not able to influence much what will happen in the future – but to understand what’s really matter that you need to fight for will become a renewable energy for your long-journey of fighting.

So, how do we know what’s really matter (that we need to fight for)? Imagine you have 3 causes, but your time and resources will only let you to prioritize one or two – what indicators you will use to understand what really matters? I suppose, what sparks excitement and happiness will be your easy pick. Other indicators? Might also consider what’s your plan after this fight was done, then we will know how this fight will impact the next.

True that some fights are only periodically; mission by mission, based on certain context in a certain stage of life. Yet, some people pick a fight that he/she knows it might not be achieved during her/his lifetime. And they keep fighting.

A question for me this evening, really – what’s really matter (that I need to fight for), and how should I focus not to the external factors of those things, but instead investing more time and resources to that answer.

You probably have a fighting story that you want to share for me to learn? Hit me up!


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