Blessings are for Those Who Believe

I just visited my brother in Bangka Island, stayed there for 2 nights during Eid Fit’r holiday. I decided to visit him, instead of coming back to my hometown, known as ‘Mudik’ (as the tradition for most people during those days) because of at least 2 reasons: the first reason is because he made an important decision for his life to move to Bangka Island in September 2018 to explore opportunities in growing talents for a sport he likes, Wushu. I was one of people who supported his move, so I wanted to see how that decision has brought his life into. The second reason is because my brother converted to Islam couple of years ago, another huge decision of his life too. Therefore my visit is to accompany him in celebrating the Eid – although above religion, my fundamental value is simply because we’re family.

My brother introduced me to his leader, colleagues, and even to students as well as their parents. An overnight stay in a villa by the sea was also arranged. We spent the night by having barbecue party and talks, accompanied by some beers and wine (after the children went to bed).

A nice view in front of our villa at Tanjung Pesona, Bangka Island.

I was easily got connected with those people because I felt their sincerity in taking care my brother in the island. I am so grateful that, so far and hopefully be continued, my brother’s decision to move to this island brought him to a new family that full of compassion, kindness, and happiness.

My brother (third from the right) and some of his students, at the Pagoda Nusantara, Bangka Island.

My visit brought me to a thought that blessings are for those who believe. By mentioning believe, I don’t limit this only about God – but blessings are for those who believe that she/he will be blessed – by/from what/whoever it/he/she is. I mean, I don’t care what your religion is – or what kind of god you are believe in. But your capacity to believe that blessings will come to you – and that you’re working happily for it – will somehow determine how much blessings you would receive.

Back to my brother’s story – I learned a lot from him about how he stretches his capacity to believe from time to time.  I remember the time when he said that he believed our family will be transformed into better condition – which now we’re started to feel it. Also when we he sacrificed something for me or other brother/sister – he always said that he believed that he would get another thing in return. I sometimes wondered how he could have that kind of capacity to believe.

Tried to learn some points based on what I observed from him during my last trip, here are how we can train to stretches our capacity to believe:

  1. Believing is beyond expecting something you haven’t received. It also needs to be accompanied by the feeling of having something you haven’t received. Sounds like delusional? Who cares? With feeling of already having what you believe, you could control yourself on when you should spend more energy or to keep it while working on what you believe – in other words, you can keep pressure and stress away from your journey.
  2. Believing is a process and a journey with unknown results. Although you tried to believe and felt that you already had whatever it is, sometimes it didn’t result such a reality we dreamt about. Some people thought that ‘impossible is nothing’ – yet might be good to keep in mind that not all what we believe to happen would happen as it is. However, we always have another chance to believe on other things. Be patient and keep believing.
  3. Believing without working for it is equal to zero. You might also hear that even we need to work to get miracles. I saw many people work consistently and persistently for the things they believe – which help them to evolve their beliefs from one thing to other things. Working on what we believe would help us to be more mature in believing things – as it has ups and downs that shape our understanding of life.


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