A Short Note: We Always Can Choose – and Have to Choose …

It’s a classic topic. Yet I think will always be relevant if we believe that life is a chain of decisions on what we chose to think, to see, to feel, and to do.

Although sometimes it seems like we don’t have any choice – it’s still actually a choice: whether to accept ‘that only choice’ or not. There’s always at least a choice, until we die (which I don’t know if we still have any choice afterlife – in case you believe in afterlife).

We might feel that what we chose in the past was actually not a good decision, which impact our today’s life. Now, because of that, we do have a choice to continue to get impacted by our past decision(s) or to renew some decisions in order to have other reality(ies).

Choose – (photo: galactinus.net)

Some people believe that what we chose were meant to be our life journey (destiny) – that everything happens for reasons, that those things shall teach you some life lessons to be a ‘better person’, that if you tried to renew your decisions today, you might lose some ‘fascinating life lessons to upgrade your life’. Is that really true?

What if we actually don’t need to experience those life lessons ourselves – and could spend more time with some other life lessons? Seems like choosing some life lessons we want to learn are actually our decisions as well. Asking this question might be worth it as well: is that the life lesson you want to experience?

At the end of the day it will come back to ourselves. Your life is your choice. Choose well, but if you think you made a mistake – you still always can choose and have to choose.


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