Thank You, Manchester!

As I will be leaving the UK in few hours, I sent emails and messages to my lecturers and friends to thank them for the wonderful friendship and to say good bye.

Some of my lecturers and friends during my year in Manchester!

I think it’s also time for me to address similar gratitude to Manchester! I chose to study in Manchester because this is the home of the industrial revolution, which pretty much in resonance with my study: HR Management and Industrial Relations. Anyway, I’d like to address several points:

  1. Thank you Manchester for the inspirations from your history and today’s energy! Your ‘Manchester Bee’ icon is well chosen to describe the hardworking people living in Manchester.
One of Manchester Bees around the city for the art festival this month!
  1. Thank you for lots of ‘cozy corners’ and beautiful parks that allow me to just sit in, to observe, and to reflect on many things in life.
One of my favorite corners in the Manchester city center!
  1. Thank you for your super-homey coffee shops and tea-houses, a place for me to enjoy the day with friends, with books, and even with course-studies.
Foundation Coffee House: most visited coffee shop during my time in Manchester
  1. Thank you for your friendly pubs, bars, and hyped clubs where not only I spent my days to study, but also the nights to have fun!

    Northern Quarter: lots of fantastic cafes, pubs, bars, & hyped clubs! (Photo: flickr/dullhunk)
  2. Thank you for your libraries, museums, and educational places which allow me to study and to discover more knowledge and wisdom.

    Manchester Central Library: I studied and worked here more than I did in University’s Library
  3. And finally, thank you for the University of Manchester which have transformed me and brought me to more adventures in the near future!

    The Dover Street Building – most classes and seminars in my study happened here.


Now, Yosea is out. Who knows that I might come back 😉


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